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Google Photos

 Google Photos is a free service provided by Google in which we can keep a complete backup of our photos. In Google Photos, 15 GB of free cloud memory is provided by Google.  Which is the best service of Google in which we can backup your photos very easily, this service can be used only for photos.
  • 15 GB cloud memory
  • Only for photo backup
  • The service from Google usable Gmail

 Google Drive

 Google Drive is also a service provided by Google, it provides us with many facilities in which we can create our own folders and keep our different data in different folders, in which we can keep photos, videos, applications, text, etc.  There is also 15 GB cloud backup in Google Drive, we can set the color of the folders on Google Drive as per our wish. Google Drive is an excellent service of Google.
  • 15 GB cloud memory backup
  • Photo backup
  • Videos backup
  • Android apps and laptop or PC apps backup
  • Text backup
  • HTML JavaScript PHP backup
  • Create and management folders
  • And easy share anyone

 Media Fire

 Mediafire is also a very good service, it works exactly like Google Drive, in this we can store our photos, videos, and applications, all in it, we can create our own folders in it, 10  Gets GB cloud backup
  • 10 GB cloud backup
  • Easily create on folders
  • Photos videos applications PC and laptop application backup
  • Text Java script PHP backup

 Google Keep Notes

 Google Keep Notes For those who like to write notes or want to keep a backup of their notes, then this is the best service provided by Google, in which we save our notes in online cloud memory.  can i.e. full notes are backed up in it we can also use their application and use it in laptop and pc.
  • Easily right notes in all languages
  • Easy to save and get notes backup
  • Easily change notes location
  • Changeable notes style

 Google Contacts

 This is the best service given by Google to the contact savers so that we can easily save our contacts in Google and in time if we change the mobile then we can import our contacts again.
  • Easy get contacts backup
  • Easily contacts imports and export

Google Cloud

Free memory from Google in the Google Cloud

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