WhatsApp Group

How to create a WhatsApp group

 It is not so difficult for WhatsApp users to group on WhatsApp. Just when we open the WhatsApp, opening the top Three dot on its right side gives us the option of new group.  We select from our contacts the slaves we want to add to the group. There must be more than one number in the group.  The group is ready.

 How to exit WhatsApp group

 To get out of a group when you are young, first open the group, click on the group name that is written above it, and on the bottom end, a set of red color group will be written.  Exit Group Will help you exit the group.

 How to add a member to your WhatsApp group

 If you have your own WhatsApp group you want to add your friend to it then open your group and then go up or your group name is written then click on it then go down and  You can add any friend you want to your group by clicking on the add partespit.

 How to join WhatsApp group

 The easiest way to add someone to a WhatsApp group is to create a WhatsApp group for the person who is the admin but it can add you to the group and if they share the link of their group with you.  You can also become part of the WhatsApp group by clicking on it.

Join Group

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