The best movement pictures sun rising Well, I'm taking a memorable picture and showing it to you

The best moment of evening time.
Most of the photography in the evening time when the birds are chirping and going to their homes, this time is a very beautiful sight.  I have taken a picture.  The sun is setting in it and there is a strange condition in my body. It will be a memorable picture of my life. Whenever I see it, I will remember these past moments. Friends, I love photography.  I try to capture these moments in the form of a picture on the screen so that the next time I remember these moments, that moment will be on this screen in front of me, but I made a lot of memorable pictures that I  And when it happens to me that my past moments that I have captured are very sad when they are lost but now it will not happen because I captured that moment in the form of a photo.  What's more, they will stay with me for the rest of their lives.

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