how to add or change Urdu font Jameel Noori in kinemaster

Today we talked about and learn about
how to change Urdu font in Jameel Noori
how to change font in kinemaster
how to add new font in kinemaster
how to add Urdu font in kinemaster
First download pro APK editor app and install him you don't worry easily you add Urdu font Jameel noori in kinemaster this font is very beautiful and must have this font in kinemaster if you write in Urdu

When open the app APK editor app second option {Select Apk from App}
If you don't install the kinemaster in the mobile select option 1 {Select an Apk file} because you select file apk from mobile memories means gallery 
If you already installed the kinemaster then select option tow {Select Apk from App} 

Open the popup message on 4 files have you select option to {Sample Edit FILE REPLACEMENT} then you select this file disturb open the folder {assests}

Are you slept on pencil Icon bevan ttf as showing on photo isliye add downloaded Jameel noori font 
When you add the Jameel only found then select the save button and save the Jameel noori found when you save the Jameel noori font after the 30 second process
When the complete the phone saving process first you uninstall the old app then you have easily install this app 

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